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yesimafan (daroh)
08 October 2016 @ 06:11 pm

This is my first time participating in Yuletide, and I’m very excited and also intimidated. I've wanted to sign up for the last 3 years, but I always chickened out. This year is the year!

First and foremost, thank you so much for whatever you write--I'll be happy with whatever it is!

Please write whatever rating you want, whatever characters you want, whatever kind of story you want—I’m not picky!

I list prompts in case they are helpful, but feel free to dismiss them or just use a tiny part of one. I struggle with writing a LOT, so I completely understand the need to write whatever you can make work!

Things I like:

  • Any rating: I enjoy everything from not at all sexual (general fic) to OMG it's an exhibitionist family orgy with tentacles and toys. I'm genuinely happy with anything!

  • all tropes (proximity, arranged marriage, college AU, coffeeshop, office AU, canon setting, episode-related, etc.)

  • most kinks (like all this: http://rekink.com/guides/kinks/ except scat, watersports, and maybe bloodplay or extreme choking, unless it’s fandom-appropriate, like with Damien or vampires or something)

  • I love feeling feelings! I LOVE angst, banter, meaningful conversations, interesting interiority (a character's thoughts if not conversation). I love caring about characters, feeling what they're feeling, whether it's bliss, confusion, depression, pain, whatever. I also love a good PWP, but usually because that’s lots of feeling hot! No feeling is too dark or light for me (except rape and extreme violence).

  • I'm fine with suicidalness, drug use, alcohol, smoking, but none of this is necessary. Just want to say that melancholy and all its coping mechanisms are my bag. :)

Things I don’t particularly like:

  • Graphic rape

  • Bestiality

  • Scat/watersports

  • Genderswap

  • Homophobia/misogyny (unless it's something like the villain bullying somebody and then getting punished for their bigotry)

  • Kid-fic


1) Humans (TV)
Characters: Any

I love and am interested in every character's storyline with this show, with the exception of the Hawkins son and father, and the angry cop guy who falls in love with Leo's mother. (None of those are in the tagset, so I'm not worried about it.) My favorite characters and dynamics are between Mattie and Leo, Niska and George, and Mia and Laura.

The conversations and issues discussed on this show are incredible, so I'd love something talky, but shippy is totally fine too!! My shippy pairings are Mattie/Leo (but in a sweet beginnings kind of way) and Mia/Laura. Niska and George would be an awesome non-sexual couple.

Possible prompts:
--An extension of Niska and George's philosophical conversations. Maybe they get out of the city with Odi and have a few weeks together and keep talking, and maybe fixing Odi together. What happens there? What do they talk about?
--Mattie and Leo exchanging letters/texts/emails after the end of season 1. How are they each feeling about what's happened? About each other? They're both teenagers who might be having those intense 'first time feeling like you found someone who really understands you' thing--or maybe they mistrust each other but are testing the waters. Maybe they sneak out of their respective homes and meet up?
--Mia and Laura, as mature women, have a far more intimate and complex understanding of recent turns in events than those around them, they feel. Laura struggles with being drawn to Mia while knowing she was "the other woman" for her husband and, in some ways, for her children, but this adds to the intensity of her feelings. Mia understands those complications and also finds Laura the only person she can really talk to about her life, her responsibilities, and what to do in the face of such an unknown future.
--Niska on the run after season one. Where does she go? What is she thinking? Introduce whoever/whatever you like.
--Mattie after season one. Anything exploring her thoughts, feelings, and actions.

DNW: graphic rape, genderswap, kidfic

2) Merlin (TV) RPF
Characters: Bradley James, Colin Morgan

Merlin and Arthur are my OTP of OTPs, but I am also a huge sucker for Brolin, especially set during the series or just after, or anything later, but acknowledging how little they seem to have interacted (as far as we can tell).

I have been following these guys for years & years and appreciate any fic that is really informed about who they are, things they've done, etc.

Possible prompts:
--texts between those two as their careers have progressed beyond Merlin
--early on flirtation/first time kissing/late-night hotel-room high-jinks and sweetness and maybe awkwardness
--what happened when Colin never showed for the Legend red carpet premiere in London (wink wink)
--I'm really happy with ANYTHING as long as it's true to their personalities, as far as we can know them from interviews, cast diaries, etc.

Ending can be anything--open-ended, HEA, bittersweet, unhappy. Whatever seems to fit them and your story.  I'm an angst whore.

DNW: rape or non-con, homophobia.

3) Damien (TV)
Character: Damien Thorn

Holy hell, do I find Damien hot, and I love his confusion about his "condition"--how it happened, what to do with that, how to feel about it.

Possible prompts:
--Damien being sexual with anyone/multiples/whatever. Dark is fine for this, anything goes. PWP or sex with a purpose (for a ritual?).
--Damien being right about Rutledge hiring someone to put that tattoo on his head. What would that have meant? Any exploration or alternatives to how the show had things go is fine. I was fascinated by that possibility. Conspiracy!
--Damien hurt/comfort, as with the exorcism. Just descriptions of his taut body with that barbed wire and everything wrapped around it for whatever reason. That scene was super hot. Comfort from Amani maybe? An OC? I don't really care from whom! LOL
yesimafan (daroh)
02 August 2016 @ 10:51 am

Hello LJ! I have once again requested a trope bingo card, and the mods have been kind enough to give me one, even though I didn't complete a single square on last round's card. (Maybe they don't know!  Shhhh)

In my zeal for signing up (I love intending to do things), I failed to opt out of the art tropes, so my card includes things like chibis and monochrome, but I think that's kind of cool to consider for fic!  Bradley and Colin looking at lilybells chibis? Monochrome as a figurative trope? Or someone wears only one color?

And what is perspective flip? Am I meant to write the same fic from the POV of 2 different characters? Hmmm.

Anyway, here is my card!  I'm hoping if I post it here and MAYBE try to use this as a journal, I'll actually fill a damn square!!  I skipped all the fests so far this year and I need a purpose in life. (Cue the melodrama!!) (Is that a square?) ;)

yesimafan (daroh)
15 February 2015 @ 11:07 am

Camelot Remix is back!
yesimafan (daroh)
28 June 2014 @ 02:49 pm
Journal entries, eh?

annoyed awesome arthur